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About Christian Music Remix

The mission of Christian Music Remix is to offer teens, young adults and older adults an alternative to the negative messages and influences that are in some of todays secular or mainstream music.

At Christian Music Remix we provide positive and uplifting Christian music that will not only minister to people, but also to glorify God in the process and lead people to Jesus and Salvation.

We want to introduce our visitors to a side of Christian Music and Videos that many people may not know exists.

Some of the music and videos we feature are Remixes which use popular secular music instrumentals with Christian lyrics added which teens and young adults can relate to.

Our Human Drama page features Youth Group and Church Skit videos set to music including videos by Matt Pitt's "The Basement" and The University of Alabama's "UnAshamed Ministries".

Our Performance Art page features videos by some of the best Christian Artists today like Marc Eckel "The Jesus Painter" from Splat Experience.

Thank you for visiting our website and God Bless!

Leonard Rau
Christian Music Remix
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