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A human video is a form of theater combining music, Modern Dance and drama, along with interpretive dance, American Sign Language, pantomime and classic mime. A human video consists of a song or medley played while actors use rhythmic physical movement (gestures and other movements of the limbs and body) to communicate emotions to a given audience.
Human Videos are also known as dramas, skits or sketches.

The Basement Drama "Bleeding Love" 
The Basement Drama "Breathe Into Me" 
The Basement Drama "Too Late to Apologize"
The Basement Drama "Meant to Live"
The Basement Drama "I'm Guilty"
The Basement Drama "Youth of the Nation"
VWOC Ignite Student Ministries Drama "Set Me Free"
UnAshamed Drama "Use Somebody"
UnAshamed Drama "Already Over"
UnAshamed Drama "Worth It All"
UnAshamed Drama "Girl In The Mirror"
UnAshamed Drama "Unbreakable"
New Walk Church Skit "Everything"
Clear Vision Drama Company "Hero"

12 Stone Church "Tithe Rap"
12 Stone Church "Tithe Rap (Farm Version)"
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